Education is light. Education is the way to a larger purpose. As an educationist, almost two decades back, I looked at all that could be corrected in the educational system. Seth G.B.Murarka Arts and Commerce College was our humble effort to bring education to more people. Education that they need. Education that they desire for. Education that is now within their reach.

We always put purpose before short term achievements, vision before short-cuts. In two decades we have come a long way. What started as a humble dream is now a revolution. To see over seventy thousand students pursuing their dream in our campuses every year, cannot be explained any better. Everywhere you look, you see a young mind creating a new future for the world. In his fertile imagination, he has no obstacles. He knows there is a guide nearby who will hold his hand if he were to miss a step. He is free to foresee a world better than what you and I have made.

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